Are Leading Entrepreneurs Considering the Ants? (Segment II)

Preface: “Great things happen to those who don’t stop believing, trying, learning, and being grateful.” Roy T. Bennett

Are Leading Entrepreneurs Considering the Ants? (Segment II)

Credit: Donald J. Sauder, CPA | CVA

Develop a Routine

Ants appreciate the importance of daily and weekly routines, including rest. The worker ant manages their work schedule with one-minute naps at regular intervals. Napping with say 250 quick snoozes every day, with approximately a four-hour sleep cycle. The Queen ant rests more with approximately ninety 6 minute naps per day. In contrast, worker ants follow consistent routines per daily tasks and responsibilities on public works projects for the colony’s continued well-being.

An essential and often overlooked component of high-achievement in entrepreneurship is also a routine. A well-developed daily routine pillars good habits in several ways. One of the most important is that it reduces the time and opportunity for a wasted moment, minimizing the chance of drifting aimlessly into the problematic doldrums of idleness. Suppose you research the amount of data on the benefits of daily routines. In that case, you will discover the frequency of routines and time management techniques implemented by high achievers both inside and outside of the public eye.

“The heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night.” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Routines can enable entrepreneurs to make individual decisions quickly and without laboriously thinking about them and the alternatives, including the time to work on the business, team meetings, or reflections, all corporate characteristics of experienced and adept management.

These effective routines free up more necessary resources for any unforeseen challenges of a busy day, perhaps. But alas, routines may not be for everyone. Yet, many industrious students have often rigorously followed routines, and these habits follow them into their careers, leading to exceptional opportunities. So too, those entrepreneurs who work persistently to build a productive daily or weekly routine, the routines and habits will effectively lead towards the desired opportunity for advancement.

Stay Optimistic

Now we will consider the mindset of ants. Ants think and plan ahead. They live with a continual awareness winter is approaching amidst the warm and balmy summer climate months, and they are optimistic they can sustain their colony through those anticipated winter challenges with appropriate preparations. They therefore diligently gather food all summer long for the winter months’ reliant on the environment to provide, and they approach that task without a quota. In other words, there is no limit on when the gathering is “enough.”

It’s a mindset of working as arduously, as long, and persevering as much as you can in preparation because predicting winter challenges is never easy, and the stake of the colonies future relies on the ants individual and collective persistent efforts to store up for whatever winter may bring.

When winter arrives, the ants can then satisfactorily wait for spring to arrive, knowing they’ve prepared appropriately for the colonies successful survival, and patiently look forward to getting back to the fields when the warm weather comes, and do it all again.

There is a book The Ant and the Elephant about an ant stranded alone on an island. The ant asks a turtle for help. The turtle uncaringly refuses because he has already swum for the day; soon after that, he falls on his back and can’t right himself. So, he asks a hornbill for help; she selfishly refuses, and then her egg falls out of its nest. It’s too heavy for her to carry, so she asks a giraffe for help, but the giraffe is also too inconsiderate to assist. Then the giraffe’s legs get hopelessly snared in some large vines; he asks a lion for help, but the lion just laughs and saunters on. Then a boulder rolls onto the lion’s tail, ensnaring him. He asks a rhino for help, but when he can’t think of any way to return the favor, the rhino strolls on to gets his horn embedded in a stump. Then an elephant considers the collective predicaments and helps each of the animals in turn, starting with the ant, which is the only one who bothers to thank the Elephant.

Shortly after the Elephant has assisted everyone, he falls into a ravine. When he can’t get out, the Elephant resigns himself to his predicament. Then a horde of ants led by the one he assisted previously safely transported him out of the ravine. The Elephant, in turn, then gives the ants a ride home on his back. Vibrant and flourishing entrepreneurship is centered around vibrant communities. Consider the above story and the antithesis of all the island dwellers being selfish perhaps.

Even though the above story is about an Elephant and an Ant in the jungle, it again exemplifies the fact that the best blessings we can receive are usually in the joy and reward of helping others, when we have the opportunity, regardless of our aura, without great expectation, and with gratitude we can help give.

To be continued…..

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